ADAM arndt


ADAM arndt

As the President of Catalyst Construction, Adam is responsible for ensuring the most significant development project costs - the hard construction costs - are properly planned and executed. His understanding of “how” buildings are constructed enables Adam to expertly manage secure, reliable construction budgets from the earliest phases of design.

Adam’s ability to craft accurate budgets and constructability solutions for the most challenging design assumptions helps drive in-line costs while maintaining expertly-designed buildings. Throughout his twenty years in construction (the last ten with Catalyst Construction) Adam has developed a depth of creativity, ingenuity, and foundational knowledge that allows him to present optimal solutions for Catalyst Partners’ clients.

Adam’s knowledge of the construction process and long-standing relationships with both development and design teams are key to leading decision making during the pre-development phase. Under Adam’s management, budgets remained balanced, and all stakeholders have a transparent understanding of fund allocation.  From initial concept design through project closeout, Adam’s oversite of every construction detail assures a “no surprises” process and exceptionally successful final development outcome.

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